Are you a clinician who wants to become more confident in caring for individuals with co-occurring gastrointestinal disorders and disordered eating?

– Up to 98% of patients with eating disorders have a co-occurring GI disorder

– Up to 45% of patients with GI disorders have co-occurring disordered eating

– Very few health care providers feel confident at treating patients with both conditions

Join us on the cutting edge by becoming an “EDGI” clinician.

The Eating Disorder and Gastrointestinal (EDGI) Training Program is a comprehensive training program led by experienced providers who specialize in treating co-occurring eating disorders and GI disorders

In this program you will master how to:

  • identify disordered eating in patients with GI conditions
  • improve GI symptoms without damaging a person’s relationship with food
  • protect eating disorder recovery in someone suffering with a chronic or acute gastrointestinal condition
  • communicate with patients in a way that helps them feel heard and understood

“I’m confident in my skills for treating functional GI issues, but when a new client presents with signs of disordered eating, I worry that I will cause harm if I don’t refer them to someone who knows about GI and ED treatment.”

“I have attended many superficial, introductory type presentations about working with patients who have disordered eating and GI disorders. I really need more in-depth training, care planning and application in one approach at a time so I can master it.

– Dietitians from our provider survey